Thrush B Gone - The One-Application, Non-Staining Wonder, Battling Thrush, White Line Disease and Tenderfootedness in Horses and other Livestock.

Proudly made in the USA

Why Choose Us?

  • Our Mission
    Thrush B Gone fights the war on thrush quickly and effectively. We strive to help educate the public on general hoof care on our Facebook page; however, our mission is first, providing horses relief from hoof pain. Your purchase of a bottle of Thrush B Gone "pays it forward" for treatments on suffering rescue horses as they wait for their forever homes. Your purchase matters to them.
  • Company Overview
    Thrush B Gone was founded to stop thrush in its tracks on all hooved animals, providing them with comfort and quick healing. We are a woman-owned small business in the warm and humid southeast, producing and distributing in the United States of America. Thrush B Gone is also distributed in New Zealand by a rescue organization, combatting thrush and white line disease in that area.
  • About Thrush B Gone
    Thrush B Gone was developed in its early stages over 40 years ago. Through the years, this aqueous organic formulation was modified and has become a tried and true staple in grooming boxes today. Thrush B Gone treats thrush upon contact (see how long it takes to eliminate that foul, thrushy smell), assists in treating white line disease, and provides relief of tenderfootedness as well in as little as one application. Once thrush is cleared, Thrush B Gone may be administered as a preventative at the time of your regularly scheduled farrier visits, or simply on an as-needed basis.

The Proof is in the Hoof

Thrush B Gone Works. . . You'll See.

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